Parkside Dental in Dubbo makes custom mouthguards in team colours and with your name or logo on it.

If you or family members play any contact sport, a custom-made mouth guard should be considered an essential component of any sports kit, as it prevents facial and head injuries while playing sports. 

Mouthguards can do a lot more than just protect your teeth. A correctly fitted mouthguard prevents injuries to your lips, cheeks, tongue, neck, brain and lower jaw. They can also help to prevent a concussion.

At Parkside Dental in Dubbo, we make our mouthguards 'in house', so they are ready for you quickly. You can pick your own colours, have your name placed on it and even have your favourite sports team logo on it.  

Nightguard splint
If you grind your teeth at night and wake up with a sore neck, jaw muscles, headache and tired, you should talk to us about an occlusal or nightguard splint. 

Contact us if you have any questions or to make an appointment for a mouthguard or splint