At Parkside Dental Surgery in Dubbo, our dentist and hygienist thoroughly assess your teeth, mouth and gums on your first visit and prepare an individualised treatment plan.

Being well-prepared for your dental appointment will ensure that the clinician has all of the information needed to provide you with the safest possible care.

When you arrive for your very first appointment at Parkside Dental Surgery in Dubbo, you are asked to complete your personal details and a medical history form on an iPad. As part of this process, you can also complete an oral health survey which includes questions about your teeth and smile. Your answers will provide the clinician with a valuable insight into areas of concern and assists with the development of a suitable treatment plan.

Your first visit at our practice will most often start with the dental hygienist, who will conduct a professional clean and take photographs and radiographs to assist with any diagnosis. This is followed by a thorough examination by the dentist to assess your teeth, mouth and gums, after which any restorative work will be scheduled. 

Once all the dental data and information has been accumulated, we then formulate a treatment plan including costings, taking into account your wants and needs.

If you are anxious or nervous about your dental visit, please let our staff know in advance, so that your visit can be made as comfortable as possible.

We operate an on-time policy and try to be respectful of patients’ time at all times. Please help us maintain this policy by arriving to your appointment 10 minutes early to update any information.